Current research

After my PhD in Physics in 2003 on the “Switchable mirror” I obtained a rich international postdoctoral experience with an emphasis on nanoparticles. After working on various topics such as hydrogen storage and magnetism of nanoparticles I started my own research line in 2010 with nanoparticles and light. My current work involves nanoparticles for photovoltaics and light-matter interaction from a more fundamental point of view. I am using (plasmonic) metal and semiconductor (quantum dot) nanoparticles to enhance light trapping in thin film solar cells. Besides this research in novel concept photovoltaics I am studying the plasmonic behaviour of nanoparticles embedded in semiconductors with electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and femto second laser spectroscopy . For this research I use a dedicated gas aggregation magnetron sputter cluster source to fabricate the nanoparticles. This is combined with a thin film magnetron sputter source, with which almost any nanoparticle-thin film composite can be fabricated. Many of the advanced characterisation experiments are performed in international collaborations.

Recently I resumed my research on hydrogen storage in metal particles, for which my equipment is ideally suited. We are currently working on magnesium and aluminium nanoparticles. 



Bachelor, Master and PhD projects are available on the topics listed on this website. You can contact me to discuss the opportunities.

When you are interested to do a postdoc with me you can apply for funding at the Marie Curie Actions